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Monday, September 7, 2009

Luna Marks the Spot

There is a certain smell that Luna picks up when we are out on a walk that makes her just plop herself on the ground and roll around like a fish out of water. Out of the four pugs she is pretty much the only one that feels the need to roll around on the ground to mark a spot. It is quite a sight.

Luna Marks the Spot from obp on Vimeo.

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LOL, very cute video.  Little Luna really goes after whatever she is wanting to capture the scent of (maybe dried worms?).  Minnie does the same thing, but not nearly as fast as Looney Tunes.



growing up, I had a little mixed breed, Buttons, and he did the same thing.  Never could figure it out. Whatever blows their skirt up!!



Too cute of Little Luna!  She’s so funny!  I give her a perfect “10” on her style and technique and of course, she’s over the top in the cuteness category.  Love the video smile



hmmmm…I think Sue’s onto something.  This most certainly has to do with dried worms!!!  And it sure is cute, too!

Ivy M. Andrews


All 3 of my pugs do this gyrating on the ground. One will find a good spot and then they all take turns doing the twist ‘n’ shake. So funny!! The shih tsu just watches with a few looks at me of wondering if the pugs are nuts.



Little Looney, you are a doll…Love your squirmies!!!

Diane Goldsmith


Violet always does this wiggle when she finds a dried earthworm on the sidewalk… she is in ecstacy.  Something about that smell!



I love that! Indy only rolls in her blankets when we are playing, she is far to ‘delicate’ to do that outside lol. smile



Rukia won’t do this, but I’ve seen Poley do it a bunch of times. I don’t know what or why they do…? But it is adorable!

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